Simplify Their

Teething Journey

Looking for an easy and fun way for baby teething relief?
Now give instant relief to your little loved one with a cute, comfortable and safe tube that's designed with your baby’s needs in mind:
Babyskit’s Teething Tubes for babies.

Instant Relief

No More Crying With Instant Relief

The hollow textured design of the teething sticks for babies ensure your infant gets instant relief from teething irritation. It creates pressure on the gums, which means no more crying and instant giggling.

Teething Tubes

Baby Safe Products For The Cutest Toddlers

Our super soft tubes are made from the safest food grade BPA Free material for your loved one’s safety. Along with that, it is also cold and heat resistant (-50℃ to 230℃), and dishwasher safe.

Baby Safe Products

Super Fun & Convenient For Your Baby

With specific patterns for chewing and teething, these hollow teether tubes have everything you need for infant teething relief for babies 6-12 months. It is also easy to grab and comes with different patterns including coarse dot, ribs and fine dotted patterns.

Teether Artboard

Are you battling with watching your little one experience the ill effects of getting teeth torment?

Have you attempted customary teethers that essentially don’t work?

Or then again don’t hold your little one’s advantage?

We’ve been there!

We felt powerless watching our little one experience everyday with getting teeth.

Subsequent to having a go at all that we found that not all teethers are made similarly.

Most Customary Teethers Aren't Intended To Effectively Target And Alleviate The Regions Your Little Necessities The Most?

During our quest for the ideal teether we had a go at everything:

Charming yet inadequate getting teeth giraffes
Cooling teethers
Wooden teethers
Getting teeth gloves
Getting teeth Eggs
Desensitizing gels
Cold washcloths
Frozen veggies

Tragically, nothing truly worked for focusing on the hard-to-arrive at regions that were causing the most aggravation and bothering for our little one’s.

What’s more is these obsolete getting teeth instruments just build up awful getting teeth propensities that can prompt formative issues.

Teether Artboard - 2
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We don't like to brag, but we're changing the game

My daughter lovessss these, the only thing that helped her itchy gums

TiearraDefinitely recommend for teething

I am actually pretty surprised with this product I have bought sooo many toys for my little one to chew on and play with and these are a hit she is able to hold them and chomp down as much as she wants to and if your child is disabled this won’t disappoint eathier my child has disability and she able to handle them with such ease thanks guys love it.

NancyThey might look boring but my child loves them

These are a perfect size for a baby's small hand to grip and put in their mouth. These allow them to bite and gum with the front teeth area or further back and on the sides of their mouth reaching to those areas other teething objects don't do for them. They are a soft, bendable material that is durable. You don't have to worry about baby chewing off little pieces and choking. (Now, when they get a little older, like around 1 to 2 for example, when they have more teeth and know how to bite off pieces of food or chew through things, I wouldn't recommend these at that stage, for that reason.)

ShanelleA "Must Have" for Teething Babies

Our son LOVES these! He is 6 months old and goes to town chewing on these! Great price too. They have held up nicely (he does not have teeth yet though).

LaurenDefinitely Loved Them

This is a great product to train a young baby to transition to baby lead weaning. Also it is a great teether seems to help.

Charlie AndersonEssential for baby lead weaning

My baby loves these! She has a tooth coming in and I can tell the these are a great relief to her.

AlannaBaby loves them!

I gave 2 to her mom and I kept 2. She's been teething for about 6 months and puts everything in her mouth, especially things that are tube like. Totally happy!

Eileen S.My granddaughter loves these.

My 6 month old baby loves these he was chewing his hands so much and no other teething toy seemed to help him but he loves these, sure he gaged the first couple times but he learned not to gag himself lol.Definitely recommend


My grandbabies are teething with a vengeance and these super flexible tubes have fine and coarse little nubs that they love to chomp on. They are just the right softness: there's enough firmness to provide some good chewing, but soft enough to not hurt the sore gums. They can be boiled to clean, which is handy. These are by far the best teething toys we've found. One reviewer mentioned a strong odor but we didn't experience that.

Amazon customerSoft and chewy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are they made in the US?

These are made by a US based business and are manufactured with American Standards in a factory in China where the highest quality and safety protocols are used. These are also approved by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the Children’s Product Certificate is attached in the detail page.

What is the length of Mini size? Are they 6cm as well?

Hi, Size of the teething tubes in the Mini Pack is also 6.3 inches ~ 16 cm.
Mini, Value, and Mega pack are different based on the number of tubes, brushes, and pouch only.